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  250 Watt, 1KW & 3KW

Please use the form below to place your order with us. If you provide your frequency with your order, we will tune your antenna at no additional charge. On 250 watt and 1KW orders you may choose between type "N" or SO-239 connectors below. The 3KW model is only available with a 7/16 DIN connector and will automatically be shipped with this connector since the other options do not handle more than 1000 watts. The three different models all have exactly the same design and performance characteristics. The only differences are the maximum transmitter output power they can safely handle. You must select a model that meets or exceeds the maximum wattage your transmitter will operate at. Once you click on "Submit" at the bottom,  you will be taken to a secure payment page where you can choose from the different power models and complete your order with PayPal or by credit card. 

Current sale pricing is:
$249.99 for the 250 watt model + shipping
$329.00 for the 1000 watt model + shipping
$439.00 for the 3000 watt model +shipping

Prices include free factory tuning to your frequency. Shipping is flat rate at $30.00, ONLY within the continental USA with a typical delivery time of 2 or 3 days. Shipping to ALL other locations worldwide is $74.99 with typical delivery times between 5 and 10 days. To prevent delays please indicate the correct shipping location for your order. Expedited shipping is available for emergency service.

Note: No Connecticut sales. International customers, please do not ask us to falsify customs documents as we must sign to the fact all information is accurate. Quantity pricing is available in lots of four or more. Please inquire for current quote.  


Your Name

 Business Name

Email Address

Shipping Address

Priority Air shipping in the continental USA is $30.00
Express Air outside of the USA is $74.99



Connector Type

   N    SO-239  7/16" DIN 3 KW
(click the name of the connector to view different types.)


 Have your antenna factory tuned to your frequency for free.

All Antennas come complete with self tuning instructions.



To complete your order with payment by credit card or PayPal please click submit.



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